“Jewelry is not just an adornment it is a work of art that represents who you are.”

1.      Where do you find inspiration?

I receive constant inspiration for my designs anything that I fall in love with at first sight.  It can be a beautiful place, painting or a fabric with unique motif which I can later incorporate in my jewelry.  I have traveled to many places and appreciate beauty in nature, architectural details and all those travel memories reflect in my pieces.  I always keep a book & pencil with me at all times as you never know when you may get an idea and you want to capture that idea at the very moment.  Other times it might come later as we treasure those memories. It’s like you don’t know when you will strike that cord of a new design idea.

2.      How has your brand changed since it’s launch?

In 2011 I started with a fashion line and later decided to change to fine jewelry line to focus more on the creative side and designing unique pieces. This move has given me the opportunity to focus more on the intricate designs and details of the jewelry rather than mass production.

3.     Describe your design process?

My favorite part of the design process is being able to witness the life of each piece.  My mind is my canvas and I love playing dress up game as you can really let your imagination go wild and pretty much visualize your designs before you even make it.  My creative process is simple and organic.  It starts with a simple sketch. Ever since I was a little girl I loved drawing and it came naturally to me.  I begin simply, with a blank piece of paper and an idea. That idea can occur to me anywhere, often, in the most unlikely places, but soon enough I complete a sketch and that marks the birth of that particular piece.

 4.     What do you enjoy most being jewelry designer?

I love the creative process of designing each piece from original sketch to final piece.   I visualize an image of this piece before I even make it.  The most exciting part is being able to see your creation from sketch to CAD. Another aspect what I love the most is I want to empower woman and want them to feel beautiful and confident wearing my jewelry.

 5.Describe the woman, who is she at heart?

I feel the women who would buy my jewelry pieces does not necessarily follow trend but rather has her own individual style and does need anyone’s approval. She is confident in the way she carries herself as she has her own unique sense of style.  Trends don’t define you, what defines you is your own individual style.    Jewelry is not just an adornment; it is work of art that represents who you are.  

Meghna Jewels is the creation of Chicago based fine jewelry designer, Meghna Patel. Inspired by her Indian heritage, Meghna uses precious gemstones and layering her designs with her signature diamond pave arches. The fine jewelry line embodies unique, edgy and fiercely gorgeous jewels. The brand is defined by its use of diamonds, gemstones, gold and structural silver to develop adventurous, luxurious and wearable pieces.
Meghna debuted her first fashion jewelry collection in 2011. The pieces were an instant hit and have graced many publications like ELLE, VOGUE, O Magazine, Brides, Life & Style, Latina and many more. It has also been worn by Blake Lively and Kelly Rutherford in the hit TV Show “GOSSIP GIRL”. The fashion line was carried in many reputed stores including Calypso St. Barth, Tootsies, Fred Segal, Sophie’s Closet (Dubai) and many more.
After the success of fashion line, Meghna transitioned into a fine jewelry line to focus more on the creative side and designing unique pieces. This move has given the designer the opportunity to focus more on the intricate designs and details of the jewelry rather than mass production.
Meghna believes that, across all cultures, jewelry is what completes any outfit and that every detail in design should be specific and deliberate. “My pieces are the product of my imagination and things that inspire me in everyday life. I want to design jewelry that captivates womens' heart and soul.” Meghna’s process is organic, starting simply with a sketch on a piece of paper. With constant inspiration for her designs through anything she falls in love with at first sight, her pieces embody all the little elements that come into her life from the places she has lived and traveled.