Bespoke Fine Jewelry

The heart and soul of Meghna Jewels is to create customized jewelry as per your taste.  Each of us is unique and we have our own individual style so let's embrace individuality!


Describe your design process?

My favorite part of the design process is being able to witness the life of each piece.  My mind is my canvas and I love playing dress up games as you can really let your imagination go wild and pretty much visualize your designs before you even make it.   I am always thinking outside the box, and something with an edge always sparks my interest. My creative process is simple and organic, starting with a simple sketch. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved drawing and it came naturally to me.  I begin simply, with a blank piece of paper and an idea. That idea can occur to me anywhere, often, in the most unlikely places, but soon enough I complete a sketch and that marks the birth of that particular piece. 

I love the creative process of designing each piece from original sketch to final piece.   I visualize the piece before I even make it! The most exciting part is being able to see your creation from sketch to CAD. I love being able to empower women and I want them to feel beautiful and confident wearing my jewelry.



Each of our pieces can be customized with your choice of gemstones, diamonds and metal with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.  If you are looking for a custom piece, we are happy to create something unique that fits your style and taste.  

I feel the woman who would buy my jewelry pieces does not necessarily follow trend but rather has her own individual style and does not need anyone’s approval. She is confident in the way she carries herself as she has her own unique sense of style. 



"Trends don’t define you, what defines you is your own individual style. Jewelry is not just an adornment; it is work of art that represents who you are."



Personalization & Customization

Create a piece that is uniquely yours with the help of one of our Fine Jewelry experts. We offer a range of custom options, from bespoke to one-of-a-kind designs.

What is bespoke?

Every piece in our collection can be specially made-to-order and modified down to the smallest detail. Personalize one of our signature styles by selecting your preferred stone—color, shape, size and cut. Choose from a range of metal alloys and embellish with delicate details—such as diamond pavé and precious gemstones. Our team is on-hand to guide you through our collections and reveal the unique qualities that give these precious materials their distinctive beauty.

How do I begin the bespoke process?

  1. Explore our collections. 
  2. Select your favorite pieces, identifying them by collection, name, design and style (product code).
  3. Note any changes, additions or special details you’d like to include in your bespoke design.
  4. Contact us to arrange your bespoke consultation. Over an appointment with one of our associates, you’ll learn about diamonds and our procurement process, time lines, ring sizing, and the final details such as delivery options.