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Come join me in my design process journey, creating unique and one-of-a-kind fiercely gorgeous jewelry.  It starts with inspiration, an original idea and a sketch.  After that, I work with my team to generate a CAD rendering which goes through all minute details before a wax mold is generated, and stones are all hand set before creating the final piece.

Meghna designer jewels
Claw collection by Meghna Jewels
Claw collection

My journey as a jewelry designer started with an idea and passion for jewelry. I had a corporate job for almost 10 years and after my kids were born I continued to work for few more years, later deciding to stay home. It was during this time that I decided to pursue my passion and started my jewelry line in 2011. I did research during my spare time and would make sketches every opportunity I got, so that I wouldn't forget later. I initially started with a fashion line, later decided to launch fine jewelry as I wanted to focus on creating truly unique designs. My pieces are fierce and adventurous, and each one is handcrafted, going through meticulous quality checks (therefore taking 2 to 4 weeks production time). This claw ring was one of my first sketches, and I finished sketching the rest of the pieces in the next 30 mins! It has been an amazing experience with some wins and losses but what better way to live your life than following your dreams! No regrets; life is about learning, giving and nurturing! Lets celebrate life. 


The Claw collection resonates with my journey as a designer. I believe in each of our lives, we have to let go of our fear and go after what we want to achieve in life. I stepped into designing jewelry not having any background. As I was trying something new, it was not easy, however the journey of learning has been amazing.  The signature pave arches signifies fierceness, letting going of fear, taking a step forward in what you believe in and pursuing your passion. Follow your own individual style, follow your dreams and follow what you believe in. Take a chance and work hard in pursuing your dream. 

Get your claws on and be fearless!

Meghna jewels fine jewelry designer

"My love affair with signature pavearches continues as I design oneofakind jewelry highlighting pave arches!"



Peace, love and happiness!