As a child, I loved to draw. Drawing was always something that came naturally to me.  Like many young women, I became fascinated with the world of fashion. I would watch runway shows, and be particularly moved by the accessories that complimented each designer’s piece. It wasn’t long before my love of art and fashion merged and I began to draw jewelry. I envisioned these pieces hanging off the hand of women like me who loved color and haute couture.

My creative process is simple and organic.   I receive constant inspiration for my designs from anything that I fall in love with at first sight.  It can be a beautiful place, painting or a fabric with a unique motif which I can later incorporate in my jewelry.

I begin simply, with a blank piece of paper and an idea. That idea can occur to me anywhere, often, in the most unlikely places, but soon enough I complete a sketch and that marks the birth of that particular piece. My favorite part of the design process is being able to witness the life of each piece.  

Looking back at when I finally began to work on my pieces, I realize now what came out in some ways is representative of the places I’ve lived and traveled to. My pieces are not demure; they’re adventurous.  What I hope to convey with every bracelet or ring is a warm invitation to go where I have been and see what I have witnessed around the globe.

I am grateful to all of the many fans, to the cities which have inspired me, and the family that helped propel me, and I wish just as many blessings to each of you.